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    1. This is a combined for items in with the format in Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. This announcement * the only ********* are being and a written ** will not be is... Illinois, United States
    2. BARGE WITH MOTOR & TRAILER Smith, Jennifer Massachusetts, United States
    3. This is a Sources Sought announcement and is for ******** only. THIS IS NOT A **** FOR AND NO ******** WILL BE AWARDED FROM THIS SOURCES SOUGHT No ***** will be made for any costs associated with * in *********** Minnesota, United States
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      • Market Research
    4. This requirement is for eight (8) low speed The vehicle is the John Deere XUV560E S4 (MY19). An OR EQUAL vehicle can be ******** as long as it meets the ***** listed in #1 - ********* of Need. Please view all **** fo... Florida, United States
      • Supplies
      • Vehicles
    5. NSN 7H----6-GL, TDP VER 003, QTY 3 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The does not own the data or the rights to the data needed to ******** / ******** repair of this part from ******** It has been to be ** to buy the data or rights to the da... Pennsylvania, United States
    6. ********** repairs on 5800. The shall furnish all labor, ********** and ********* to the ********** repair IAW the SOW and all A site visit is scheduled for * 2019, ****************  5800 (BX), JBER, AK.... Alaska, United States
      • Construction
      • Building
    7. This is the NAVSUP WSS synopsis for the of 5 items onto the repair Basic ********* BOA ****** These items are in support of the *********** System, Joint Radio System (MIDS JTRS) program. ViaSat Inc. (47358) is the on... Pennsylvania, United States
    8. NSN 7H----0-VN, TDP VER 008, QTY 7 EA, DELIVER TO W25G1U, W1A8 DLA NEW PA *********** ********* NIIN IS 7H, ----0, VN, CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMB, ************** DELIVER TO W62G2T, W1A8 DLA DIST SAN TRACY, CA ********* NIIN IS 7H... Pennsylvania, United States
    9. NSN 1H----7-X3, TDP VER 014, QTY 300 PG, DELIVER TO SW3117, DLA ************ NORFOLK VA, ******** VA 23511-0001, DELIVER TO SW3216, ************ DEPOT PUGET SOUND, WA The does not own the data or the rights to the data needed to *****... Pennsylvania, United States
    10. THIS PROCUREMENT IS A 100% FOR ***** SMALL FIRMS. The ** of Affairs (DVA), Cemetery ****** (NCA), Service Office - ********* VA intends to solicit a price to provide ********* Virginia, United States
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    11. Combined of the Air Force 5th *** - Minot AFB, ND Page 1 of 3 Title: A/C Unit ** Number: ** Issue Date: Tuesday, 02 July 2019 ********** 17 July 2019 no later than 5:00 PM... North Dakota, United States
    12. This post has been created to publicize the of **** (QRs) for the items listed in the Master Item List (MIL) to this posting to FAR 9.204. * vendors wishing to become as an source of repair/remanu... Oklahoma, United States
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