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    1. SUBMIT A QUOTE TO PROVIDE, AND A PT TO PT ******** 1GB ACCESS BETWEEN BLDG 98 RM 2T09A, 2ND FL, 5342 DUDLEY BLVD, ** CA, 95652 CCI AND BLDG 2145 RM 105, 5801 C STREET, BEALE AFB, CA CCI. This is a ******** for ** items... Illinois, United States
    2. NSN 1H----9-L1, TDP VER 003, QTY 6 EA, DELIVER TO N50286, NAVAL L1SS, ******** ME 03904. *** of this part is by list (QPL) *** ALL FIRMS SHOULD INCLUDE THEIR CAGE CODE ON SOLICITATION * THIS IS A ******** Pennsylvania, United States
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    3. The AFSC OL_H/PZABA, Hill AFB Utah, intends to and award a Fixed Firm Price for five ** for the F-16 weapon system to the *** quoter whose to the solicitation, which will be most ** to th... Utah, United States
    5.   This is a for ********** items prepared in ********** with FAR Subpart 12.6, as with ******** in this notice. This *********** the only quotes are being requested and a written will NOT be us... Illinois, United States
    6. This is a ********** for ** ******** in with the format in the Federal *** Regulation (FAR) Subpart 12.6, as **** with *********** in this notice. This **** *********** the only... Wisconsin, United States
    7. NSN 0Q----6-SX, REF NR QTY 2 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The ** does not have in its * or legible data to this part/contract repair from other than the current ** KERRIN T. CAHILL, PHONE ----, F... Pennsylvania, United States
    8. This is a combined for items in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. The number is---- and is issued as a Request for Quote (RFQ), unless indicated herein. The ***... Virginia, United States
    9. Gender and Social Inclusion **** 1) This is a ******** for items in with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with ********* in this notice. This * the on... District Of Columbia, United States
    10. Please see attached Kevin Flynn, *********** Phone----, Email ---- - Susan ******** Project Email ---- Pennsylvania, United States
    11. NSN 1R----2-GF, REF NR 74----, QTY 30 EA, FOB ORIGIN. All *********** * (i.e. ******** orders, task orders, orders and ****** related to the instant are ** to be by the Government when copies ... Pennsylvania, United States
    12. Proposed for NSN---- Line 0001 Qty 13.00 UI EA Deliver To: DLA SAN DIEGO By: 0277 DAYS ADOThe is an RFQ and will be ********* at the link in this notice. Hard copies of this are not ... Virginia, United States
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