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    1. This is a combined for items in with the format in the Federal ** (FAR) Subpart 12.6, as with information in this notice. This ******** and and clauses are those in ******** Ohio, United States
    2. (1) This is a combined for items and ******** ******** in with the format in Federal (FAR) Subpart 12.6 and in * with FAR 13.5, as supplemented with ******** in this notice. This notice the only *... California, United States
    3. The is sources to lease ************* 24,000 net usable square feet of office space [or space that can be adapted to office use], in the San ******** TX area.   A lease not to exceed 31 January 2025 is with 30-day *********** ... Texas, United States
    4.   A request for quote (RFQ), will be issued via the DLA Bid Board System ******** The item is sole source to Hamilton ********** (73030) and Ontic The item is covered by a Class and for Other Than Full and... Virginia, United States
    5. NSN 7R----8-QE, REF NR QTY 22 EA, FOB ORIGIN. This part ******** *** source by the design control ******** in order to the quality of the part. unique design capability, *** skills, and ********* by the ***... Pennsylvania, United States
    6. Proposed for NSN---- Line 0001 Qty 21.00 UI EA Deliver To: DLA ************ DEPOT By: 0208 DAYS ADOApproved source is ********* The is an RFQ and will be at the link ******** in this notice. Hard copies of t... Virginia, United States
    7. Furnished units for 74 *** in with lease commencement between 28, 2019 and October 34 2019. Brandy L. ********** Real Estate ******** ********** Email ---- - Zach Virginia, United States
    8. This is a QR posting by SASPO IAW FAR 9.2 this synopsis notice that the Air Force has ************* ***************** for the repair of the item(s) listed below. This means a company must go through a source ******** The ************* are... Oklahoma, United States
    9. VISN WIDE DIRECT DELIVERY OF ******** SCOPE: This *********** is for a ********** to provide direct of medical and ******** ******** for each ************* ******** within VISN 4, and Veteran patients homes located within VISN ... Pennsylvania, United States
    10. This is a combined for items in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. The number is---- and is issued as a Request for Quote (RFQ), unless indicated herein. The ***... Virginia, United States
    11. DLA Energy will utilize the 3rd Generation of Energy (DOE) Super Energy Savings (ESPC) ****** (IDIQ) to award a Task Order (TO) for the requirement. The DOE Super ESPC IDIQ were awarded to 21 ******** Virginia, United States
    12. Afghanistan and * ******** This is a Sources Sought Notice and should not be ********* as a The purpose of this notice is to gain of ********* ******** both United States (U.S.) and Fo... Virginia, United States
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