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    1. Proposed for NSN---- HOUSING ASSY: Line 0001 Qty 57.00 UI EA Deliver To: DLA CHERRY POINT By: 0030 DAYS *********** source is 97499 The solicitation is an RFQ and will be at the link ******** in this notice. Hard copies of t... Virginia, United States
      • Business Services
      • Procurement
    2. ********** SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE of ************* This is not a solicitation but rather a Sources Sought ******** to sources for and ******** only. ********** The purpose of this Sourc... Utah, United States
      • Professional Services
      • Research & Development
      • Market Research
    3. This FBO advertisement is hereby into the RLP by way of ********* as an RLP *** ********** U.S. seeks to lease the office space through the Program (AAAP): ********** *****... Colorado, United States
    4. THIS ******** IS SET ASIDE 100% FOR SMALL This a ******** for services in * with the format in Subpart 12.6, as with * in this notice. This ** the only notice; quotes are being ... Colorado, United States
    5. SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE I. Description of Intent This notice is to gauge the of vendors that are capable and in meeting the 's * for robot ******** and every part to allow the to sustain, *... Michigan, United States
    6. Note to Prospective Please refer to Combind (RFQ) ***** ******** for further details of the and of your Kei ******** ** ********** Email ---- - *** ******** ***... Virginia, United States
    7. NSN 1H----8, TDP VER 001, QTY 3 EA, DELIVER TO SW3117, DLA NORFOLK VA, VA ** Award will be made only if the the or the *** meets the ****** at time of award, in accordance with FAR clause * Th... Pennsylvania, United States
    8. Department Affairs (VA) Mail ** ******** (CMOP) Tucson CMOP posting to for RFQ is 1 line item ** Pricing Spreadsheet is Please us this for Quote can be su... Kansas, United States
      • Health & Human Services
      • Pharmacy
    9. U.S. GOVERNMENT General **** (GSA) seeks to lease the following space: State: Montana City: Great Falls ... Colorado, United States
    10. Proposed for NSN---- ********* Line 0001 Qty 1.000 UI EA Deliver To: DLA SAN DIEGO By: 0438 DAYS ADOLine 0002 Qty 12.00 UI EA Deliver To: W1A8 DLA DIST SAN JOAQUIN By: 0438 DAYS ADOApproved source is 82106 The ************ is a... Virginia, United States
      • Business Services
      • Procurement
    11. NSN 1H----1-D4, TDP VER 004, QTY 6 EA, FOB ORIGIN. parties may obtain copies of and Federal **** and * Lists (QPLs), * Product Databases (QPDs), and other ************ from the DoD Sing... Pennsylvania, United States
    12. NSN 7H----6-X6, TDP VER 001, QTY 5 EA, DELIVER TO SW3216, DEPOT PUGET SOUND, WA *********** Award will be made only if the ******** the or the ************ meets the **** at time of award, in accordance with FAR clause ****... Pennsylvania, United States
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