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    1. Proposed for NSN---- FRAME Line 0001 Qty 274.0 UI EA Deliver To: W1A8 DLA **** By: 0070 DAYS sources are 3DGR3 04694006; 7NDY5 The is an RFQ and will be * at the link in this notice. Hard copies ... Ohio, United States
      • Business Services
      • Procurement
    2. NSN 1R----2-LX, REF NR QTY 12 EA, FOB ORIGIN TIA ******** PHONE ----, FAX ----, ---- Pennsylvania, United States
    3. The U.S. Army Corps of , St. Louis is seeking firms with *** *** and * for for the Barracks ******** Wall & *** US Army Corps of - St. Louis, ... Missouri, United States
      • Construction
    4. NSN 7H----8, TDP VER 006, REF NR QTY 17 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The ********** does not have data, lacks rights to data, or both needed to / ******** repair of this part from Interested parties may obtain copies of a... Pennsylvania, United States
    5. SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE NUMBER: 75N95019R00076 PROJECT TITLE: and ********* for the on Drug Abuse Program THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR ** ABSTRACTS, OR *** This notice is for and *********** Maryland, United States
      • Research & Development
    6. This is a combined for items in with the format in Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. This announcement * the only quotes are being ********* and a written will not be ... Oregon, United States
    7. NSN 7H----8-GL, TDP VER 004, QTY 21 EA, DELIVER TO W25G1U, W1A8 DLA NEW PA *********** ********* NIIN IS 7H, ----8, GL, CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMB, ********** DELIVER TO W62G2T, W1A8 DLA DIST SAN TRACY, CA ********* NIIN IS 7H, -... Pennsylvania, United States
    8. NSN 7E----1, TDP VER 002, QTY 5 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The does not own the data or the rights to the data needed to ******** / ******** repair of this part from ******** It has been to be ** to buy the data or rights to the data.... Pennsylvania, United States
    9.   DLA is issuing a ************ to procure Water Jets; two each . The ************ is ******** to result in a Firm, Fixed Price with in 30 days ARO Request for Quote **************** is Full and Open Virginia, United States
      • Supplies
    10. Subject: Notice of Intent to Sole Source In ********** with FAR ************ the U.S. ************* ********** Agency (EPA), intends to award a Sole Source Firm Fixed Price Order to the ANSI ************* Board, LLC (ANAB). The U.S... District Of Columbia, United States
      • Business Services
      • Compliance
    11. The requirement is to provide ***** * ** support to the Deputy Chief of Staff, Warrior Care and (DCS, WCT) in support of the Warrior Care and Program ************* the ... Virginia, United States
      • Business Services
      • Construction
      • Research & Development
      • Management
      • Development
    12. NSN 7R----5-ZW, REF NR QTY 17 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The data needed to * this part ***** is not ********** it cannot be ***** nor is it possibleto draft or any other , *** of the mate... Pennsylvania, United States
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