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    1. NSN 0R----9-P8, REF NR QTY 7 EA, FOB ORIGIN. This is a sole source ************ The does not have in its possession *** legible data to with other than the current source. Only the * by the for t... Pennsylvania, United States
    2. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center in support of the Program Office (HPO) is seeking ** on that have the * to deliver a Crew Chief Part Task Trainer (CCPTT) to train HH-60W in their assi... Ohio, United States
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    3. The USDA Forest Service Southern Region ******** Forest, and Wakulla Ranger ********* is seeking contract to provide special ********* to use during ********* Michael The is seeking a best value ******** from ******** to... Georgia, United States
      • Supplies
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    4. Solicitation Number: Notice Type: ******** ********* ******** This is a ******** for ********** ******** Brand Name or Equal (BNOE) items ******** in wit... Virginia, United States
    5. NSN 7G----3, TDP VER 006, QTY 27 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The does not own the data or the rights to the data needed to ******** / ******** repair of this part from ******** It has been to be ** to buy the data or rights to the data... Pennsylvania, United States
    6. **THIS IS TO SMALL ******** ************** UNDER THE SMALL ******** The ********** shall provide all tools, parts, ********* rigging, labor, and *********** to supply, ship, unloa... Georgia, United States
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    7. The Federal Bureau of Prisons, CTS Office, D.C. is seeking quotes from sources that have the ability to provide ******* ** mental health, abuse, and sex within 10 miles of the US Post Office at 2656... District Of Columbia, United States
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      • Substance Abuse
    8. This IS NOT a request for bids, quotes or proposal. This is a sources sought only. The purpose of this notice is to conduct market and obtain *********** from all * No award may be issued from this Request for *********** ... District Of Columbia, United States
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    9. Page 2 of 2 Network Contracting Office 21 (NCO 21) plans to issue a Request for Quotes (RFQ) for and ********* ******** for the ********** VA Health Care System Mather, Place of Near VA ******** in California, United States
    10. Proposed for NSN---- COVER Line 0001 Qty 3.000 UI EA Deliver To: W1A8 DLA ************ By: 0237 DAYS source is 76823 74----. The ************ is an RFQ and will be ********* at the link in this notice. Hard copies o... Virginia, United States
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    11. NSN 7G----8, TDP VER 003, REF NR QTY 1 EA, FOB ORIGIN. THIS ******** IS BEING ISSUED IAW FAR *** - SEPA. SEAN P. ZIAC2, PHONE ----, FAX ----, ---- Pennsylvania, United States
    12. The United States Government, by the United States Agency for (USAID) through the Mission in Malawi, is ********** this Request for (RFI) in order to provide US and Malawi-based ********* and other the *********** t... District Of Columbia, United States
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