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    1. NSN 1H----8, TDP VER 001, QTY 3 EA, DELIVER TO SW3117, DLA NORFOLK VA, VA ** Award will be made only if the the or the *** meets the ****** at time of award, in accordance with FAR clause * Th... Pennsylvania, United States
    2. The Federal Bureau of Prisons plans to issue 15B---- for the of ********* Kosher to the Federal ************ located at Terminal Island, ******** is by January 10, 2019. The NAICS code for this *********** is 311999; the smal... Oregon, United States
    3. Department Affairs (VA) Mail ** ******** (CMOP) Tucson CMOP posting to for RFQ is 1 line item ** Pricing Spreadsheet is Please us this for Quote can be su... Kansas, United States
      • Health & Human Services
      • Pharmacy
    4. Please see the attached Market Survey LTC and for ****************** Please submit your ******** to ---- by ********** by 3:00 pm (EST). Colleen M. Turner, Phone----, Email ---- Ohio, United States
    5. U.S. GOVERNMENT General **** (GSA) seeks to lease the following space: State: Montana City: Great Falls ... Colorado, United States
    6. Proposed for NSN---- ********* Line 0001 Qty 1.000 UI EA Deliver To: DLA SAN DIEGO By: 0438 DAYS ADOLine 0002 Qty 12.00 UI EA Deliver To: W1A8 DLA DIST SAN JOAQUIN By: 0438 DAYS ADOApproved source is 82106 The ************ is a... Virginia, United States
      • Business Services
      • Procurement
    7. NSN 1H----1-D4, TDP VER 004, QTY 6 EA, FOB ORIGIN. parties may obtain copies of and Federal **** and * Lists (QPLs), * Product Databases (QPDs), and other ************ from the DoD Sing... Pennsylvania, United States
    8. Description(s): This is a Sources Sought to ******** from types of ******** for a 5 year Blanket (BPA) for lodging. The may be by either party with 30 day written notice. This is not a ************ for ... Arkansas, United States
    9. NSN 7H----6-X6, TDP VER 001, QTY 5 EA, DELIVER TO SW3216, DEPOT PUGET SOUND, WA *********** Award will be made only if the ******** the or the ************ meets the **** at time of award, in accordance with FAR clause ****... Pennsylvania, United States
    10. NSN 7H----0-PP, TDP VER 004, IAW REF NR QTY 14 EA, FOB ORIGIN. THIS ******** IS BEING WAIVED IN ** WITH THE SPECIAL *********** (SEPA), PER FAR **** Interested parties may obtain copies of and Federal and Sta... Pennsylvania, United States
      • Business Services
      • Procurement
    11. The National Agency is *********** from on an development effort for Engine (E2) Notice to ******** (NtM). The Request for *********** and are for review and ********* Haydee SotoCarreras, Email ---... Virginia, United States
      • Construction
      • Research & Development
      • Development
    12. DRAFT   THIS DRAFT 31878 IS BEING WE ******** FINAL EDITS TO THE AN AMENDMENT TO THE DRAFT WILL BE ******** WHEN THE IS of a s Plant house plant ********* a... Illinois, United States
      • Construction
      • Building
      • Utilities
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