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    1. NSN 0Q----7-F9, REF NR QTY 100 EA, FOB ORIGIN JOSHUA M. STOLLE, ******** PHONE ----, FAX ----,EMAIL ---- Pennsylvania, United States
    2. NSN 1R----6-SX, REF NR QTY 5 EA, FOB ORIGIN LORISSA L. *********** PHONE ----, FAX ********** ---- Pennsylvania, United States
    3. Proposed for NSN---- ACTUA: Line 0001 Qty 13.00 UI EA Deliver To: W1A8 DLA DIST SAN JOAQUIN By: 0106 DAYS *********** source is 78286 The solicitation is an RFQ and will be at the link ******** in this notice. Hard copies o... Virginia, United States
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    4. This is a QR posting by SASPO IAW FAR 9.2 this synopsis notice that the Air Force has ************* ***************** for the repair of the item listed below. This means a company must go through a source ******** The ************* is *... Oklahoma, United States
    5. // NSN(s):        // Item Rotor, Armor // ************** Code and Part Number (if ************ 05606 / P/N 205F335 I/A/W Drawing DTD ****************************************... Ohio, United States
    6. Page 2 of 2 This notice is for Solicitation Number Project Number ********* Floor * at the East Orange Campus, 385 Tremont Ave, East Orange, NJ 07018. This shall be a Veteran Owned Small ********* (VOSB). As a result, all... New York, United States
    7. NSN 7R----9-P8, REF NR QTY 54 EA, FOB ORIGIN. This part is a **/nondevelopmental/off-the-shelf item. ** item ** vendor catalog or price lists or ** manuals a manual number apply. JO... Pennsylvania, United States
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    8. The Ottawa National Forest located in the western upper of is pleased to ******** the **** of our and ************ ****** prospectus. The areas being offered under special use permit The Black River Harbor an... Wisconsin, United States
    9. NSN 7H----8, TDP VER 005, REF NR QTY 4 EA, FOB ORIGIN ALECIA WEST, ZIBC2, PHONE ----, FAX ----, ---- Pennsylvania, United States
    10.   This is being issued to an ******************* Contract (IDC) over the SAT using FAR Subpart 13.5 ********** that will provide stock in support of depots. The NSN ********* in Section B of this is... Ohio, United States
    11. NSN 1R----1-SY, REF NR QTY 81 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The ******** action is for items for the FMS country Kuwait. The * intends to solicit and with only one source under the * of FAR 6.302-1. All *** sources ... Pennsylvania, United States
    12. NSN 1R----5-DQ, TDP VER 004, REF NR QTY 28 EA, FOB ORIGIN JOSHUA M. STOLLE, ******** PHONE ----, FAX ----,EMAIL ---- Pennsylvania, United States
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