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    1.   is taken to this ************* of the synopsis *********** IAW with FAR part : ******** for an amount not to exceed the ********** threshold ******************************************** Will be made Oklahoma, United States
    2. 2019 LONG CREEK MOUNTAIN LOP AND SCATTER Crystal Wyoming, United States
    3. RADIO DIRECTION FINDER SYSTEM: qty 1 - Radio Inc. THiEF ********* ******** Emitter Finder) System. BRAND NAME OR EQUAL. Brand name system details with part numbers is located on page 40 of * Salient of ***... Indiana, United States
    4. This Request for Quote (RFQ), ----, for the Naval School is ******** in with FAR 13, ********** Procedures, and with ********** ******** in this notice. The NAICS with this is 334511. The Naval School h... California, United States
    5.   Strip, Repair, Recoat and ************ of the E-3 AWACS Radar and IFF Radomes. ---- ----, Email ---- Oklahoma, United States
    6. ** THERE IS NO **** AT THIS TIME. REQUEST FOR A **** WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE. ** PURPOSE This Sources Sought (SSS) is in support of market being by the United States Ai... Oklahoma, United States
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    7. Please note: ALL OFFERORS MUST BE IN AND HAVE AN ACTIVE SAM.GOV ACCOUNT AT THE TIME A IS . ********** * may be in ********** with Section L.7. and are due by email to the *** Officer by 12 PM ET on September 16... District Of Columbia, United States
    8. NSN 7H----7, TDP VER 001, QTY 2 EA, DELIVER TO W25G1U, W1A8 DLA NEW PA *** * NIIN IS 7H, ----7, ***** DELIVER TO W62G2T, W1A8 DLA DIST SAN TRACY, CA 95304-5000, * NIIN IS 7H, ----7, ************** Pennsylvania, United States
    9. Please see the attached There are also ** that are inside the ***** For please contact SrA Brandon Spratt. The for all shall be 27th of * 2019. There will be a site visi... California, United States
    10. See Attachment for Harry W. Shatto, ******** Phone----, Email ---- - David Lee ********* Phone----, Email ---- Virginia, United States
    11. PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE CAREFULLY AS IT THE ONLY NOTICE THAT WILL BE ISSUED. This is a ********** for ** items in ********** with the format in Federal *** (FAR) Subpart 12.6 and 13, as supplemented with ****... District Of Columbia, United States
    12. This is a combined for items in with the format in Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. This announcement * the only ** proposals are being and a written ** wil... Illinois, United States
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