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    1. Lindsey Rasmussen, Phone ----, Email ---- - Jim ing ********** Email ---- Ohio, United States
      • Research & Development
      • Technological
    2.   DLA Pearl Harbor request vendors to submit offers for the ******** RFQ: SPMYM4-16-Q-0698 *********** WATER HEATER - HUBBELL PART # A full list of ******** and are written on the ********************** Ohio, United States
    3.  This notice is a Broad Agency (BAA) for the of research and in with Federal (FAR) 35.016, Broad Agency (BAA), as with ********** ******** in this Pennsylvania, United States
      • Construction
      • Research & Development
      • Development
    4. IGF::OT::IGF ACETA AND WILD HORSE AND BURRO FLIGHT Haener, Janice Idaho, United States
    5. Two IDIQ contracts with a $10M shared ceiling are Two initial Task Orders are planned for $200K each. The primary purpose of the program is to mature a Dual Mode Ramjet design to a ******** design level, ********* the DMRJ test and pe... Ohio, United States
    6. Synopsis of ************ ************ is a Request for Proposal (RFP) from which the will *********** awards of for Medical ********* items as below. This is the ************ to our current ************, ************ Pennsylvania, United States
      • Research & Development
      • Supplies
      • Medical
      • Medical & Scientific Equipment
    7. The requirement is for the of 5B in ******** 745-A, ** Hall, of the United States Academy (USMA), West Point, New York. (per the ******** and its * of Work (SOW)). NOTE: A sources sought was posted for this require... New York, United States
      • Construction
      • Building
    8. IGF::OT::IGF Fixed wing flight in support of DOI Alaska and Hawaii point to point and special use Flynn, Valerie Alaska, United States
    9. Amendment to update the place of ************ Florida, United States
      • Business Services
      • Construction
      • Research & Development
      • Compliance
      • Training
      • Engineering
    10. Amendment 2 is issued to make aware of changes to the BAA. 1. This notice changes the Program Manager and point of contact stated in ***** * FROM: Mr. Cole ----,----. Postal 2510 5th ********* Ohio, United States
      • Research & Development
    11. This synopsis is for only. This is not a request for quote and no ************ exists. The Mission & **** Command (MICC), Fort Drum, New York is seeking willing to enter into a Blanket ******** New York, United States
    12. This announcement serves as a Sources Sought issued for the purpose of market in ********** with Federal *** (FAR) Part 10. This Sources Sought is issued solely for *********** and and does not constitute a **... District Of Columbia, United States
      • Professional Services
      • Supplies
      • Research & Development
      • Market Research
      • Energy
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