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    1. Global Lyme Alliance, the leading to ** Lyme and * disease through * and has a Request for Proposals (RFP) for grants to advance the ****** and cure of Lyme and * will b... Connecticut, United States
      • Research & Development
      • Other
      • Medical
    2. This subcontracting is for ********** on the Youth *** Program funded by the US ********** of Housing and Urban United States
      • Health & Human Services
      • Other
      • Affordable Housing
      • Social Services
    3. The City of Mt. Shasta (City) is requesting for the of a U.S. EPA * Cleanup Grant, BF The grant ******** was to the EPA in July of 2016. We were awarded the grant in of 2016. The approved Work plan an... California, United States
      • Other
    4. The Whitehall assists in the life through its grants and It is the 's policy to support those areas of basic biological that are not heavily by federal ******** or other s with a ***... United States
      • Other
    5. The seeks to nurture new ideas that have the ********* to shape a better human future and is to science as a source of ********* and and to philosophy as a source of *********** and deeper of the place and role of ****... United States
      • Other
    6. The #Girlboss enables women to connect across social, and *** * to discuss and share about career, ******** relationships, and * that end, the will award a single $15,000 grant in 2017 to a ... United States
      • Other
    7. Founded in 2005, the Fender Music * awards and to ******** music ********* The donated items are lightly used, or imperfect and have been by the * from manufacturers and * cur... United States
      • Other
    8. We want to engage qualified firms to enter into a Tower Lease for the purpose of their own ************* ********* at ********** (as and use of a portion of certain real for the purpose of non-exclusive access for ingress ... Florida, United States
      • Technology
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      • Information Technology
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