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    1. The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office for Review (EOIR) is seeking * support ******** with respect to the Legal Program for Removal (LOPE) as therein the of work. Bjorn Miller, Supervisory Virginia, United States
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    2.    updated the 1449 from draft status as well removed the *** from CLIN 0001 and the *** section in FBO. Clause ********** factors were also updated from Price" to price meeting the of... South Dakota, United States
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    3. SOFA LEGAL ATTORNEY SERVICE IN SOUTH KOREA KIM, ******** ** ********** Email ---- Armed Forces Pacific, United States
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    4. United States of State D.C. of State U.S. * General Hong Kong, SAR, of China RFP Scope of Work for Legal of Local Counsel Hong Kong, SAR THE U.S. OF ******** Virginia, United States
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