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    1. For Official Use Only REQUEST FOR (RFI) for the care of animals seized in illegal ******** *** 1.0 The US ******** Service (USMS), in with the Office of Justice (OJP)and the *** and Natural ... Maryland, United States
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    2. THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE. This notice is for planning only and does not the to award a or pay for the in * The the right to use by for any purpose deemed * and lega... Oregon, United States
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    3. The National Park Service is seeking one (1) ************ to provide hunting guide within the Guide Area of the Preserve. Guided hunting will be * for legally hunted big game species as defined by State of Alaska hunting re... Colorado, United States
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    4. Provide Cadastral within the ******** and Ottawa Forests in Upper This work will include *********** and marking the legal of Forest System Lands. **** ******** may but are not ... Wisconsin, United States
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