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    1. Liquid Handler For Sources Sought Solicitation # *** The is conducting market and ** as ********* ******** that may possess the ********** and t... Ohio, United States
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    2. The Defense Logistics Agency Puget Sound is issuing this sources sought and request for as a means of ********** market ******** to parties having an ******** in and the to support a to provide three (3) 7,000 gallon rou... Ohio, United States
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    3. CONTACT, MAIN FOR 3-POLE, ACB, 2000FR, HKN2000 MFR: SPD P/N: ********* wishing to submit a quote are for *** their own copy of the RFQ and for frequently ** the site for any ... Ohio, United States
    4. Description:   NSN - Drum ******** being bought in with General (05606) P/N ********* Based on market this item is ** for military use only and is not * the ********** is not using the ***... Ohio, United States
    5. This is a combined for items in with the format in FAR subpart 12 and 13 as with ** in this notice. This notice constitutes the only *** are being ********* and a written ** ... Ohio, United States
    6. The Air Force Life Cycle Center *********** and *********** System (REMIS) Program office, ********* vendor feedback/*********** for its REMIS *********** effort for a single vehicle to provide System Integra... Ohio, United States
    7.   DLA Puget Sound intends to issue a for the *********** Blast Equipment, for the ********** Naval This will be ********* on a 100% total small ********* basis using the item procedures in FAR... Ohio, United States
    8. INTRODUCTION: In with Federal ** (FAR) * Request for or for This Sources Sought Notice is for and only at this time and shall not be construed as a or as an ** on the part of... Ohio, United States
    9. Funding Opportunity (FOA) to solicit ********** project ********* for the DPA Title III Program managed by the *************** of the of Defense (OSD) and by the of Defense (DoD), DPA Title III ********* Agent Program ***************, a ***... Ohio, United States
    10.   The RFQ will be posted at ----. A bidders list will not be by this no ********* or fax requests for the RFQ package will be ********* Failure to respond to the posted RFQ and prior to the date and time set for re... Ohio, United States
    11.   DLA PUGET SOUND intends to procure DUCT, FLEX in with ******* It is that the **** will be TOTAL SMALL SET ASIDE" using and ** procedures in with FAR Parts 12 and 1... Ohio, United States
    12. SC300 LISTA CABINET 15.75" H X W X ********** D, (LIGHT GRAY) BRAND NAME OR EQUAL TO; MANUFACTERER - LISTA PART NUMBER - SC300 Bidding ************** Name: *******************************************... Ohio, United States
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